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Pega Analytics Limited is based in London and we deliver JMP training courses throughout the UK and Europe.  JMP training is delivered onsite at the customer premises.  We also deliver SAS accredited training courses for JMP and the JSL scripting language.


The JMP training that we deliver is designed to embrace the unique qualities of the JMP software for data exploration, statistical modelling and visual analytics.  Whether you are a semiconductor process engineer, a quality improvement specialist, a six sigma blackbelt,  or a research chemist, you will find that our training courses enable you to maximise your effectiveness in using the JMP software.


Traditionally JMP software has been used by scientists and engineers to perform statistical tests, build statistical models, and use DOE methods to design experiments on products and processes.  Increasingly there is an awareness that the powerful data mining techniques and predictive modelling capabilities have applicability in a much broader range of business areas and so JMP is increasingly used to build sales and marketing propensity models and as a tool for developing process insight by business analysts.


SAS designed the JMP software as an enabler of visual, dynamic data exploration and of statistical discovery.  But the reality of many jobs is such that there is often repetitive work, requiring the same data manipulation, statistical analysis and reporting steps.  The JMP scripting language (JSL) provides an ideal environment for automating these steps.  Pega Analytics specialises in helping companies make the most of JSL, through the delivery of introductory and advanced JSL courses, by providing add-ins that extend the JMP functionality, and through the delivery of JSL consulting services.




Pega Analytics Limited is registered in England. Registered number 9471349.

Registered Address: Connect House, 133-137 Alexandra Road, London SW19 7JY.


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