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Business Analytics Workshop

Based on a real-life application within a financial services organisaion this workshop is designed to help business analysts understand how they can use JMP software to improve their productivity and to achieve greater process insight.



The workshop focusses on the end-to-end process of problem solving.  A real-life scenario from a financial services organisation is used.  The organisation was looking for ways to reduce handling times for customer requests.  There was a belief that the solution was to introduce business process automation technology, and to encourage customers to use a standard form for requests rather than receiving unstructured letters.  Through the use of visual analytics it became apparent that there were significant variations in handling times and that the root causes of process latency were related to product types and skill-levels of the customer service agents.  Two potential solutions emerge and their impact are investigated using Monte Carlo simulation.


During the workshop the following capabilities will be explored:

Data Preparation

Importing data

Joining multiple sources of data

Data cleansing

Reshaping data

Subsetting data

Summarising data


Visual Analytics

Graph builder

Using the data filter

Insight using distributions

Recursive partioning

Model profiler

Monte-carlo simulation


Summarising Data

Assessing frequencies using distributions and tree maps

Tabulating summary statistics

Transaction maps using parallel plots

The charts platform


Data Transformation

Aggregating similar groups

Rule-based classifications


Sharing Results

Table scripts





1 day

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