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We offer high quality JMP training courses, and if you are looking for training in JMP we want you to find us!  But the internet is a big place and so to help us (and hopefully you!) we try to make the site "google-friendly".  So far we seem to be doing a good job - the chances are you are here because of the results of a search engine.


In order to understand how people arrive at our site, and the experience that they have, we use web-analytics technology.  Specifically we try to  answer the following questions:


how many visitors did we have today / this week / this month


where did the visitors come from e.g. America, UK, India, etc


what areas of the site were they interested in e.g. training, consulting, tips & tricks


To collate this information we use the StatCounter cookie (or equivalent).  If you wish to understand more the nature of the information provided by this cookie please look at this report.


We also get visitors from adverts placed on Google search pages, through the use of Google AdWords.  We pay a fee everytime an advert is clicked and so we like to know whether the advert has been effective.  We use Google Ad-Conversion tracking to monitor whether an advert results in a request for information.  Under the bonnet of how it works, well, we're not experts but here is an explanation from Google.


Furthermore, we try to optimise your viewing experience based on whether you use a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.  Some logic is applied to figure out what device you are using and the answer ("desktop", "tablet", "phone") is stored in a cookie.


Your Privacy


Cookies give us statistics but no private information.  The only time we receive private information is if you provide it to us through the options to request further information or to receive a quotation. This information does not go onto a marketing database.  It is used solely to fullfill the request that you have made i.e. to phone you or to email you with information.


The Right to Opt-Out


New EU legislation requires UK businesses to provide you with the option of experiencing the web without the intrusion of cookies.  This site does use cookies so therefore if you do not agree with their usage you should click here now!


To learn more about cookies here are some resources:


All About Cookies





One Final Thought


To understand how ridiculous the new law is, try this:




At the bottom of the screen a pop-up will ask you "is it ok" to use cookies (not sure what happens if pop-ups are disabled).  Click the NO button.


Having expressed a preference to not load cookies onto your computer it asks if you would like to have that preference saved. To save the preference to not use cookies they use a cookie!


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