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Practical JSL

This JMP course takes a practical approach to developing skills in the JMP scripting language.  Having confidence in the language empowers you to unleash your imagination and transform the way that you and your colleagues use JMP.


Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for individuals who want to exploit the power of the JMP scripting language, to automate analysis and report creation, or to provide extended and enhanced user options within existing JMP reports.



A working knowledge of JMP is required in order to take advantage of the JMP scripting language.  No prior programming knowledge is necessary, although some exposure to JSL or other programming environments is beneficial.



The goal of this course is to help you become productive in the use of the JMP scripting language (JSL).  JSL is a challenging environment, but by developing a clear understanding of the concepts that underpin the language you can confidently start modifying code that is auto-generated by JMP, and start building your own applications from scratch.


Upon completing the course you will:


  • be able to exploit JMP's in-built ability to generate scripts

  • understand the concepts that underpin the JMP scripting language

  • understand JSL syntax

  • expand your current knowledge of scripting

  • appreciate the broad range of scripting capabilities

  • learn scripting tips, tricks and techniques



3 days

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