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SAS designed  JMP software as an enabler for visual, dynamic data exploration and of statistical discovery

Pega Analytics is dedicated to creating and delivering high-quality JMP education and associated services


Courses last from one to three days and cover general introductions to JMP, statistics and the JSL scripting language.

We are SAS accredited and proud to deliver public training courses on behalf of SAS at their training centres in Marlow and London.


This workshop has a large element of hands-on activities and is supported by extensive code examples.

Discover how a business analyst can use JMP software to improve  productivity and achieve greater process insight.

The reality of many jobs is that there is often repetitive work requiring the same data manipulation, statistical analysis and reporting steps

The JMP scripting language (JSL) provides an ideal environment for automating these steps.


Pega Analytics specialises in helping companies make the most of JSL, through the delivery of introductory and advanced courses, by providing add-ins that extend the JMP functionality , and through the delivery of JSL consulting services.


We can help you perform a training needs assessment to help you align training content with skillsets.

Struggling with training budgets and course scheduling?  Find out how our training credits can help.

We are committed to your success.

Learn about our exclusive post-training support.

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Do you have a JSL project that need help with?  We can discuss options ranging from helpdesk support to managing the full implementation.

Need a JSL add-in?  Many can be developed in one to two weeks.

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Discover JMP

maximise your potential

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