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Data Science

Doing statistics is nolonger an activity distinct from science and engineering.

Learn to harness the data that is integral to your work.

Model Building

We live in times when models are regularly talked about in the news.

Learn the art and science of model building.


Scripts eliminate mouse clicks .

Do the same thing over and over, but do it faster, and consistently.

We’ve been working on some awesome projects

Accelerated Stability Modelling

Reducing the time it takes to evaluate product stability from years to weeks.

Connector for Ambr Bioreactors

Automatic transfer of complex multi-file data generated by Ambr bioreactor systems.

High Volume Process Capability Analysis

Evaluating the performance of new process development throughout the supply chain.

Design and Analysis of Product Tests

Consumer product testing performed weekly - we use JMP to generate the designs, acquire the data, do the analysis, and create the final reports.